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Unique 60th Birthday Video Gift Idea

Turning 60 is a big deal. 🎂

That’s 60 years of laughter, wisdom, and moments with loved ones they’ll always remember.

celebrating a 60th birthday

It’s also the start of a new decade where they look forward to enjoying new hobbies, retirement, jet-setting off to foreign places, and spending time with their grandkids or furry friends.

A 60th birthday party should reflect how extraordinary their life story has been.


What's the Perfect Gift For a 60th Birthday?

There is always that birthday dilemma of not knowing what gift to get. You always think to yourself, what should I give them? Is there anything they'd like? Has their taste changed? It's hard to know exactly what they'll love to receive.

enjoying a 60th birthday cake with friends

It's one of the greatest feelings when you find that perfect gift. But, what is that perfect gift?

What’s the Perfect Gift?

These days, the perfect gift has to meet many criteria. But, ideally, the perfect gift must be NICE:

  • Novel: not yet owned by the receiver

  • Individualized: tailored to the receiver’s likes and wants

  • Convenient: easy to buy, easy to wrap, and easy to give

  • Everlasting: to last a lifetime of memories

It is hardly surprising that many people decided to break with the gift exchange tradition or by gifting someone an experience rather than an object with many issues to consider.

Cards can create that emotional connection — especially when handwriting a touching message on the card. What would happen if you could take that same connection and send it to the lucky 60th birthday person in a video montage?

That's when you can count on VidDay, the video maker, for special days and hoorays!


Create a 60th Birthday Video Gift

Create unforgettable memories with a birthday video gift. Making a 60th birthday tribute video with VidDay is like making a group greeting card that everybody signs, except with video messages instead of written messages.

A group video gift can also be like throwing a surprise party. It's a great way to gather people together to celebrate someone. But unlike a surprise party, a video montage is much easier because you don't need to worry about the logistical nightmare of planning and organizing an actual party.

60th Birthday video examples:


We all have come across something while shopping or browsing the internet that reminds us of someone. What do you do when you find it? Do you buy it and wait until their birthday?

You likely won't buy it for their birthday, but you'll tell yourself you'll remember to do so. By the time their 60th birthday rolls around, you have already forgotten about that gift.

taking a birthday picture with friends for a 60th birthday

You are looking for the perfect gift but are overwhelmed by the selection. The process of finding a personalized gift can be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive.

Getting someone a custom-made gift or personalized one for their 60th birthday is even more intense. You can get many personalized items, such as mugs, towels, dishes, etc., but does it really matter? Putting their name on a coffee mug might not be what they hoped for.

VidDay solves your personalization goals without being complicated, time-consuming, or pricey.

Setting up an account is simple. Then, you can invite others to join. Then, sit back and let VidDay handle the details.

It is a personalized 60th birthday video gift they will remember for years.

Once the 60th birthday video is complete, you can order a custom-made DVD or USB to give as a memorable keepsake. VidDay's personalized photo DVDs and USBs make unique gifts for this milestone.

Have fun showing your love and appreciation with a surprise group video montage of photos and messages from friends (from anywhere in the world) sending their good cheers and well wishes.


An Eco-Friendly Gift for the 60th Birthday!

Choosing a 60th birthday gift for a special person in your life is tough. After all, when you ask someone what they want for their 60th birthday, people usually say,

“Please don’t buy me a gift. I don’t need any more stuff!”

The truth is that everyone, especially anyone over 60, secretly loves to receive thoughtful surprises and gifts. The keyword is “thoughtful.” Shop for a gift that is good for the 60th birthday person and the environment. Think of an eco-friendly gift that says, “I'm thinking of you.”

Give Experiences, Not Things

When you get to a certain age, you learn to value experiences over things in life. Spending your hard-earned money on experiences gives people long-term joy compared to spending money on tangible things.

enjoying a 60th birthday dinner with friends

What are these magical experiences over gifts that we’re talking about?

Well, you could start by giving them a VidDay 60th birthday video. Listen carefully to when the birthday person is speaking. They might say, “I've always wanted to…”. Perhaps you can make their dream come true. Everyone has their unique bucket list.

Give a Gift for Good

What does giving a gift for good mean? Well, it means giving back. This can mean you donate in the name of the 60th birthday person. Think of a charity that speaks to that person and makes a donation on their behalf.

If you're unsure what charity to give to, think of what the 60th birthday person is passionate about. Are they someone who's been affected by Cancer or Diabetes in their life? If so, donate to those foundations. Perhaps they are an animal lover. You can donate to the SPCA or any environmental foundation. Or try making purchases from companies that are giving back to their communities.

Donating on their behalf can be extremely meaningful to that birthday person.

Plant a Tree

Have a tree or an entire grove planted in honor of the 60th birthday. Planting a tree for someone's birthday will be a tribute to them and their legacy over the past 60 years. In addition, planting a tree in someone's name is a green and unique gift for birthdays that does good for the planet. These trees will help create clean air, drinking water, and critical wildlife habitat.

planting trees birthday

VidDay plants a tree with a portion of all of its profits. So far, we've planted over 100,000 trees, all thanks to you. So think about giving a VidDay 60th birthday gift as a two-for-one — a video gift and a tree planted.


Express Yourself in a 60th Birthday Video Gift

It can be slightly overwhelming thinking of what to say to someone on their 60th birthday. You want to express your sincere gratitude for having such a special person in your life, but sometimes it can be hard to put those thoughts into words.

You want to make sure that they feel like the true superstar they are for their 60th birthday, so we've curated some helpful birthday wishes to help get your creative juices flowing.

recording a 60th birthday video message for a birthday video

First, you can speak about something you two did together, whether it was a fun travel experience or an inside joke that the two of you have had.

Then, take a moment to really let the birthday person know how much they mean to you and how special they are.

Third, compliment them because who doesn't love a good compliment, especially on their 60th birthday!

Here are some fun ones:

  • ​​Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional! Happy 60th birthday to my wonderfully young-at-heart friend!

  • By age 60, you've learned everything — now you only have to remember it! Many happy returns on your 60th birthday.

  • Don't let aging get you down. It's too hard to get up again!

  • Happy Birthday! The world is a better place for having had you in it for the last 60 years, and I'm so lucky to know you. Wishing you many happy returns.

  • Congratulations on the 39th anniversary of your 21st birthday! Here's to many more!

There are so many different ways to wish someone a 60th happy birthday! We've got loads of resources to find the best way to express ourselves. Check out our tips on what to say here or our AI Birthday idea wish generator.

For more ideas, checks out this fantastic video with some 60th birthday wishes and quotes:


Create a Memorable 60th Birthday Gift

Birthdays are always a time for celebration, especially the 60th birthday. A 60th birthday is a time to celebrate with friends and family. It's a time to get together and enjoy some birthday cake, good food, and a group birthday video gift.

celebrating a 60th birthday with a vidday video gift

Bring joy and perhaps a few tears of happiness to the 60th birthday party with a meaningful video gift. The best way to say Happy 60th birthday! With sincere birthday wishes from your friends and family in a group video gift. Why are group birthday videos such a fantastic 60th birthday gift?

“We use VidDay for my sister’s birthday, and it was a big hit. She loved it. The quality of their work was exceptional. I will definitely tell others and use them again.” — Marguerite Andrews

Great question! With our birthday video maker, you can collect messages from loved ones, friends, family, and colleagues in one surprise 60th birthday video, which means that everyone can join in on the 60th birthday celebration, whether celebrating from a distance or nearby.

Learn more about creating your birthday video with our handy birthday video guide.

Celebrate better together by saying Happy 60th birthday with a group VidDay video gift. Start one today.


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