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How to Make a Birthday Video Montage

Want to create a birthday video montage with many people to surprise a lucky friend?

You're in the right place. 🥳

This blog will show you how to easily make a memorable birthday video and provide creative ideas for delivering the montage to the recipient.

How to make a birthday video montage step-by-step guide

Now, feel free to read on or dive into your section of choice:

In my journey of creating thousands of video montages, I learned how to perfect the process, even for epic birthday video slideshows with music from clips and photos from people worldwide.

My first try creating a video montage for a friend's birthday showed me how challenging and time-consuming it was.

Despite the initial difficulties and steep learning curve with video editing software, the emotional and joyful reaction it received made all the effort worthwhile.

I quickly realized the need for a simpler method of creating these collaborative group videos and developed VidDay: The Birthday Video Maker.

VidDay simplifies making collaborative group videos, allowing anyone to easily gather contributions and create a heartfelt birthday montage without needing technical skills.

What's a Birthday Video Montage?

A birthday video montage is a special video made for someone’s birthday. It mixes together video clips, photos, and messages from friends and family, set to music. It’s a fun and heartfelt way to show someone how much they mean to you, all in one video. Making one is easy now, thanks to many video makers, like iMovie, Animoto, InVideo, and VidDay, which let anyone do it, no matter their tech skills.

In this article, we'll focus on VidDay since it's specifically designed for making birthday video montages with friends and family filled with warm wishes and happy birthday images.

4 Simple Steps to Making a Birthday Video Montage

Ready to begin? Dive into making the best birthday video montage now!

Below, I explain each step of making a video montage using VidDay, our easy-to-use collaborative birthday video maker. 

Step 1.) Invite friends to share video birthday wishes and pictures.

Mobile view of the invitation for to join in a VidDay birthday video
Step 1: Invite friends to collaborate in a birthday video montage.

Set up and invite in seconds: Create your event on VidDay and share the link to invite friends and family. You can send invites via text, email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or any method you prefer.

Each invite includes a template message, which you can customize with a photo of the birthday person to add a personal touch.

Inviting friends and family to participate in a birthday video montage
Step 1: Invite friends to share video birthday wishes and pictures.

By clicking your shared invitation link, friends and family can easily contribute to your video montage in seconds.

Quick Tip: 

Don't worry if submissions don't come in immediately— people often wait until the last minute. A few friendly reminders can help; VidDay offers tools and auto-reminders to assist with this.

Step 2.) Collect everyone's birthday messages and images.

Birthday video greetings and images collected in one place.
Step 2: Collect everyone's birthday greetings and images.

Collect and arrange: All submitted video messages and photos will be in your event page gallery, where you can easily drag and drop them in the order you prefer.

With VidDay, you don't need video editing skills but feel free to edit photos with our user-friendly tools or opt-in for a Quality Check from our video expert for an even better video montage.

Quick Tip: 

Start your video with one or two great photos and a "Happy Birthday, {Recipient's Name}!" intro card. Then, spread the other photos between clips for smooth transitions. It's easy with VidDay's montage maker.

Step 3.) Compile the messages and photos into a montage with music.

Video montage maker to assemble messages and photos
Step 3: Compile the messages and photos into a montage with music.

Select a template theme and music: Pick your favorite birthday theme template to match the birthday vibe. VidDay’s video themes offer something for every occasion and style, from fun and playful to elegant and sophisticated.

Plus, you can upload your own music or choose from a selection of background music to help enhance the mood of your video montage.

Then, you can compile your birthday messages and photos into a birthday masterpiece with just one click.

Here's a birthday video montage example:

Step 4.) Share your video montage with the birthday person.

Sharing a birthday video montage on mobile or desktop.
Step 4: Share your video montage with the birthday person.

The big reveal: Once you've finalized your video montage, it's time to show it to the birthday person. Watching their reaction is the best part of the whole process.

With VidDay, anyone, anywhere, can effortlessly create and share stunning, themed birthday video montages— no downloads or editing skills needed.


Creative Ways to Present Your Birthday Video Montage

There are several creative ways to share your birthday video montage. Here are some fun suggestions:

Idea 1: Organize a Viewing Party

Gather as many guests and contributors as possible to the birthday party to witness the birthday person's reaction to their surprise birthday video. Make sure to keep a box of tissues nearby.

Organize a viewing party to present the birthday video montage

Idea 2: Delivered in a Video Book

Send or personally present the video montage in a birthday video book to the person. It's a memorable gift they can display on their desk or mantelpiece for years.

Video book playing a birthday video montage

Idea 3: Share Your Montage Online

If the birthday person is far away or can't meet in person, send them a link to the special birthday video montage you've made just for them. It's a great way to make them feel connected to friends and family.

Choose all three ideas to make the most of the special gift. Start with a birthday party to watch the video together. Then, send the video link to everyone who contributed. Finish by giving a video book to keep forever.

Want more sharing ideas? Check these creative ways to turn your video montage into a gift.

Tips for Making an Epic Birthday Video

Watch this video for quick tips on how to make the best birthday video montage for your friend’s birthday:

There you have it, folks; following the steps above, you can make a memorable surprise video montage for birthdays or any other special occasion.

A collaborative video collage made with VidDay is the perfect surprise for all special occasions: birthdays, weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, get well soon, and retirements, to name a few. A VidDay video is a gift that’s easy to do and hard to top. Have fun!

Want to learn more about making birthday videos? Check out our super handy Ultimate Birthday Video Guide.

Need a little help with birthday wishes — check out our Birthday Wishes AI Generator for endless inspiration.


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