9 Ways To Make a Great Video Message For a Friend's Birthday

You’ve just been notified it’s your friend's birthday today… What do you do?

Most people send a text message or write a quick message on Facebook. They write things like “Happy Birthday!” or the classic abbreviated “HBD”. These little messages are always nice to get on a birthday, but often fall short of being sincere and hardly ever come off as meaningful, even if they're meant to be.

9 Ways To Make The Best Birthday Message

Shake things up next time.

Take an extra minute or two and record a short video message for your lucky friend. Truth is, recording a birthday video message is remarkably easy and you don’t even need to be tech-savvy either. A video message is an unexpected gesture and a surprise that is sure to be sincere.

Here are 9 tips and tricks to make an amazing video message for your friend’s birthday:

  1. Just be you: No one is you and that is your power.

  2. Put yourself in their shoes: Think of what your friend would want to hear on their special day.

  3. Share a memory: It can be a recent event or something that happened a long time ago. Whether it’s a story from a travel experience, attending a concert, playing sports or sharing a yummy meal, if you’ve done it mutually, it will be fun to reminisce.

  4. Location, location, location: Try to record your video clip in a special or interesting location that your friend would enjoy.

  5. Use a quote: Read a quote that reminds you of your friend.

  6. Sing a little: Use lyrics of song to express yourself or bring up part of a song that you both enjoy and connect with. It's okay if you can't sing, it makes the video even more entertaining!

  7. Compliments: You can't go wrong with a compliment. Remind them why they're so awesome!

  8. Keep it fun: Make them laugh by bringing up an inside joke, use a creative filter or greet them with an original term of endearment or nickname.

  9. Get others to join: The more the merrier!

Record and share your birthday wishes together!

Do you know a group of people wanting to record a birthday video message?

In this case, this would be the perfect time to make a surprise birthday video montage!

Rally your friends together by getting them to submit video messages for an unforgettable surprise video montage with VidDay. The best part is that we make it easy for you to do because we make the beautiful video montage for you.

Our new birthday video gift maker allows anyone, no matter their technical skills, to deliver an unforgettable, hilarious and often heartwarming video montage made with friends and family.

VidDay’s video montage maker is more than just turning photos into a video slideshow. We encourage people to submit video messages to elevate the gifting experience. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.

Overall, a surprise video montage is a sincere and fun way to show love and appreciation, all the while creating a memorable keepsake.

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Happy Birthday Messages From Everyone!

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