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Send Get Well Wishes in a Group Video

A health journey of any kind — diagnosis, injury, or illness — should never be experienced alone.

Old man watching a get well video from his family

Data from a survey conducted by the American Hospital Association found that over 36 million Americans were hospitalized in 2021.

In these moments, community support makes a difference. But unfortunately, gathering restrictions make it unlikely to rally around a loved one.

VidDay helps people come together when it matters most.

How? By empowering people to quickly collect and compile video messages from loved ones to create a personalized video full of kind words of support.

Get well soon video maker

A group video is a way to virtually surround a loved one during their health journey in ways other gestures can't.

Giving a supportive video made by friends and family provides hope and strength in what can otherwise be a discouraging time. Everyone should have access to such an impactful resource.

But how can people who aren't tech-savvy, living anywhere around the world, and facing financial pressure ever consider making a video?

The small devoted team at VidDay, based in the heart of North America, worked hard to solve this question.

Many web-app iterations were exhausted, searching for the most intuitive experience to remove all technical video-making obstacles. And as far as price goes, the only price point that makes sense for someone in this situation is free.

Recording a get well soon video message

Get Well Videos are free of stress and free of charge... for everyone.

Connecting through video is playing an increasingly significant role in our culture. Pandemic-induced isolation, quarantines, and physical restrictions have reduced human contact, accelerating the need for digital interactions.

As a result, we're all seeing a shift in how we communicate. But, unlike a video call, having a video recording creates a keepsake. So, for example, someone going through a health journey can replay inspirational messages as motivation to stay positive.

Offering free Get Well Videos is a small act of kindness that aligns with VidDay's core values. By harnessing the power of collaborative video, the team can bring joy to people worldwide in a rarely felt authentic moment.

VidDay's Get Well Soon Video Maker
Simple and fun video making experience with user-friendly tools.

Why use VidDay?

It was challenging to crowdsource videos in the past, and those who wanted to create a video montage found it time-consuming, complex, and expensive.

So VidDay broke down these barriers so that anyone could make a video fast and free. And it's creating a positive ripple effect in people's lives.

Reinventing a collaborative video-making process that takes away the complexity of video editing is only part of the solution. Regardless of the ease of use, good customer service is a detail not overlooked.

Unfortunately, lots of stress is involved when supporting a loved one in uncertain times. So it's crucial that when someone decides to rally friends together in a video, there is no extra stress — which is, frankly, the last thing needed.

A team of friendly Customer Care Specialists is available to help at all hours every day of the week. They are there to help video creators along the way, to ensure that their experience is nothing less than enjoyable.

They understand these videos' positive impact, so all our efforts increase the odds of someone creating and delivering a get-well video.

VidDay serves people's need for meaningful connections with loved ones staying in hospitals.

Friends and family worldwide can send messages and include them in a video in urgent situations. Moreover, social media integration and email contacts make video collection fast.

Watching a Get Well video greeting from friends and family
VidDay's Get Well collage video theme

A patient can receive a supportive video in hours from start to end.

A hospitalized patient fights a mental battle — fear, distress, a feeling of weakness, and a lack of hope — leading to physical and emotional exhaustion.

Involving family and friends provides beneficial psychological and emotional support.

"My Dad cried after he watched it," said Kelly Stokesbary, who made a video for her father, who underwent bladder cancer surgery.

Woman receiving Get Well wishes and crying tears of joy

Crying tears of joy is part of the experience for video recipients.

The innovation brought forward by VidDay is giving people a way to focus on the positive and express support.

Although these videos are categorized as 'Get Well' to position themselves within the social expression space, videos are also made to comfort people who will not recover.

Jeff Coveney made a video for his 78-year-old father, who became hospitalized with COVID-19.

"We used VidDay to pull together five minutes of 'Get Well' wishes from friends and family. Within 24 hours of starting the process, we had a fully edited video from VidDay." said Jeff, who was thankful to have access to the collaborative video maker.

Jeff continued, "Since we couldn't see him, the nurses brought him a tablet so he could see all the messages. Within four hours of seeing the video, his health deteriorated. He went to sleep and never woke up. He passed away the next day."

Get Well soon wishes in a group video with VidDay

These life-altering moments matter.

People need a way to surround a loved one in a time of need, no matter the circumstances.

VidDay funds their free Get Well Video project with revenue from producing videos for all other occasions — such as birthdays, anniversaries, and retirements — as a paid service.

They also take it a step further and donate a portion of their net profits from paid videos to charity, such as planting over 100,000 trees worldwide to help reforestation.

VidDay will continue its efforts to spread the word so that more people will know this resource is available. But we can use your help. Please spread the word and let everyone know that this is a free resource that can make a difference in recovery.

Kid in hospital beds receiving her Get Well video message.

The world can be changed by focusing on the micro.

It starts with a smile and grows from there.

"I've brought a lot of joy into people's lives with this app," said George Sanchez, who made a video in June, and that's what motivates the VidDay team to continue moving forward.

Watch Get Well video messages in a group video here:

If you know someone working through a health journey or working their way to recovery — here are 10 Ways to Support Someone During Their Health Journey.


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