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How to Make a Thoughtful Memorial Video

Memorial videos are a beautiful and meaningful way to honor a friend or family member.

We know that saying goodbye to a loved one is extremely difficult, and grief can make us feel powerless. However, commemorating losing someone can be a cathartic step in mourning.

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If you are responsible for creating something to memorialize your loved one, think about creating a tribute video. Celebrate your loved one's life with a thoughtful memorial video that you can use at the memorial service, play at the funeral, or watch at home together.

Most importantly, working on a memorial video can be a healing part of the grieving process.

Consider these ideas below, or let them inspire something that captures the unique essence of your loved one.


What to Say in a Memorial Video

Many of us are struggling with what to say in a memorial video.

Words of sympathy we often feel are not enough, and sometimes struggle to find the perfect way to say, “everything's going to be okay.” Unfortunately, the reality is that there is no right thing to say, and no magical words will help ease the grief of someone.

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The most thoughtful things you can say in a memorial video are honest, kind, and compassionate.

Tell a Story

Take time to reminisce on a story you shared with your loved one. You can transport everyone watching the memorial video with you on that adventure you two had together. Begin by saying, “This one time, [name] and I …” Everyone will appreciate being welcomed into the experience you and the departed shared.

Express Your Thanks

Talk about why you are thankful for your time with your loved one. Is there something they did that changed your life or showed them that being in your life changed you? Were they there for you in a time of need? How did they make you laugh and enjoy life a little more? Find those extraordinary moments you two shared and share those moments in the video memorial.

Share Quotes, Poems, and Art

A memorial video doesn't need to be all video messages and pictures of the person. Think about including favorite quotes from someone that your loved one admired. You can also have a poem that your loved one admired or find a poem that you think expresses how they touched the lives of others. Was your loved one into the arts? Add in some of their favorite artists' work to be included in the memorial video.


Honor Your Loved One From a Distance

We all know the feeling — from restrictions to social distancing — of not being able to be at the funeral of a loved one. The pandemic has made us familiar with sending our love from afar. Even without quarantines and restrictions, getting to someone's funeral could be difficult.

Creating a memorial video allows you to be there, even when you can't.

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No matter where you and your loved ones are, you can all collaborate on a meaningful memorial video. Wherever you are in the world. WiFi connection allows you to easily upload video messages and pictures.

Share the final memorial video with friends and family, no matter where they are. You can instantly send the finished memorial video with a click of a button.


Create a Memorial Video in a Few Steps

VidDay's memorial video maker is entirely stress-free. We know that this is a hard time and that a lot needs to be done. That's why we've created a stress-free memorial video maker. In a few simple steps, you can connect with others, gather videos, and use our easy-to-use video editor to bring it all together into a thoughtful memorial video.

Step 1: Invite Family and Friends

Easily invite friends and family from any device for them to collaborate in a tribute video in memory of your loved one.

Step 2: Receive Video Messages and Pictures

VidDay collects all of your memorial video clips, messages, and photos for you. Simply drag and drop all of the memories into any order you want.

Step 3: Share the Memorial Video

VidDay compiles all of your memories into a meaningful memorial video slideshow, ready to hold onto forever as a meaningful keepsake.

Learn how to create a thoughtful memorial video with our Ultimate Video Making Guide.


Commemorate Your Loved One In a Memorial Video

Celebrate the life of your loved one with a memorial video. Celebrate their life together by easily collaborating with friends and family to collect memories honoring your loved one's impact in life.

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Their memory must live on in a way that reflects their unique life and essence. A memorial video can give you a unique way of honoring your loved one with a one-of-a-kind video memorial that will last forever.

“I made a memorial video for my Stepdad. The program was so easy to use. It was a lovely celebration of his life. The chat support was superb, and the price was affordable. I highly recommend this company & product.” — Bari Amos

Hearing and seeing the voices of friends and family as they tell personal stories about the dearly departed is incredibly moving.

Watching each person express their deep gratitude, condolences, and memories of the impact their loved one had on their lives can be deeply emotional and healing for everyone, including yourself.

Honoring a loved one doesn't have to be an elaborate event. Celebrating your loved one with a VidDay memorial video will last you a lifetime of memories — begin yours today.


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