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How to Make a Living Eulogy Video for a Loved One

In today’s fast-paced world, pausing and appreciating the people who make life meaningful is important.

A Living Eulogy video is a beautiful way to do just that, offering a unique opportunity to celebrate someone special while they can still experience the joy and appreciation firsthand.

Grandparents and two grandchildren sitting on a couch, smiling and holding a remote, with hearts drawn above their heads, symbolizing love and togetherness.

What is a Living Eulogy?

A Living Eulogy is a heartfelt tribute that celebrates someone's life while they are still alive to hear and appreciate the accolades. Unlike traditional eulogies given at funerals, a Living Eulogy is a way to express love, admiration, and gratitude, allowing the honoree to witness the impact of their life firsthand. This practice offers a unique opportunity for friends and family to share their feelings and memories, creating a profound experience for both the giver and the receiver.

Why Make a Living Eulogy?

Creating a Living Eulogy can be incredibly meaningful. It allows people to express appreciation and admiration for someone who has significantly impacted their lives, ensuring that the person knows their value to others. This can be particularly comforting and affirming, possibly even life-changing, for the honoree. It's also an excellent way for friends and family to connect and create lasting memories together.

A living eulogy celebrates our love, appreciation and gratitude for someone who has powerfully and positively contributed to our life.


How to Make a Living Eulogy Video

Here are five straightforward steps to creating a heartfelt Living Eulogy video for someone dear to you.

Step 1: Plan Your Tribute

Start by deciding the tone and structure of your Living Eulogy. Who will contribute? What stories or qualities do you want to highlight? Create a list of participants and outline the key points each person will speak about.

Step 2: Collect Contributions

Use VidDay, an easy-to-use video-making platform, to collect video messages from friends and family. Share a link provided by VidDay with your contributors, giving them guidelines on what to talk about, such as sharing a favorite memory or what they most admire about the person.

Smiling family recording a video message on a tablet in their kitchen, showing their love and support for a Living Eulogy video.

Step 3: Customize Your Video

With VidDay, you can customize the video with themes, music, and photos, making it even more personal and touching. Choose elements that reflect the honoree's personality and tastes.

Step 4: Edit and Organize

VidDay allows you to arrange video clips in a meaningful sequence without needing advanced technical skills. You can easily add text cards and your own music to enhance the storytelling.

VidDay event page displayed on a laptop and smartphone, showing collected videos and photos with drag-and-drop feature for organizing a Living Eulogy video montage.
The event page for a Living Eulogy VidDay video, where all submitted videos and photos from friends and family are collected and organized using the drag-and-drop feature to create a touching video montage.

Step 5: Share and Celebrate

Once your Living Eulogy video is ready, plan a special event to watch with the honoree and other loved ones. This can be a cozy gathering at home or a larger celebration. Watching the Living Eulogy together amplifies the joy and strengthens the bonds among all those involved.

VidDay interface showing a completed Living Eulogy video wrapped in a digital gift wrap effect on a laptop and smartphone, with options to present now, download, send to the recipient, or share with friends.
The completed Living Eulogy video montage wrapped in a digital gift wrap effect, ready to be sent to the honoree. Choose from various gift wrap styles to make the video presentation even more special.


Inspiring TEDx talk - Eulogies For The Living

Check out this TEDx talk discussing the impact of expressing gratitude for your loved ones while they're still with us.

Andrea Driessen suggests expressing appreciation to loved ones now, calling it a "grace note." This strengthens connections and reduces future regret. She urges sharing what matters while loved ones can still hear it, emphasizing the value of making people feel appreciated.

The importance of a Living Eulogy lies in its power to validate and celebrate someone's existence and achievements. It boosts the honoree emotionally, often enhancing their well-being and connection to others. For those participating, it can deepen relationships, foster healing, and provide closure on past disagreements or misunderstandings. This ritual can leave a lasting legacy of love and respect that might otherwise go unexpressed.


Making a Living Eulogy using VidDay is a unique and powerful way to celebrate someone special in your life. It's more than just a gift; it's a profound experience that honors the individual's life, bringing joy and cherished memories to everyone involved. Start planning your Living Eulogy today and give someone the priceless gift of knowing how much they are loved and valued.


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