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How to Make a Surprise 30th Birthday Video

Turning 30 is more than just a birthday— it's a milestone celebrating three decades of adventures, friendships, and personal growth.

how to make 30th birthday video

With VidDay, you can collect everyone's birthday wishes in a heartfelt birthday video montage, turning this special occasion into an unforgettable celebration. 🎉

Here’s how to make a memorable 30th birthday video that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Choosing the Right Birthday Video Maker

Planning a surprise for a 30th birthday? Creating a video montage of heartfelt messages and photos from friends and family is an excellent choice.

VidDay offers a seamless, fun video-making process that doesn’t require any prior video editing experience.

Everything can be organized from any device and the comfort of your home, making it as easy as pie! 🥧

Watch this 30th birthday video example:

Simple Steps To Making a 30th Birthday Video

Making a birthday video with VidDay is a breeze.

Step 1: Kick Off Your 30th Birthday Video Project

Set up your event on VidDay’s intuitive platform in seconds.

Step 2: Invite Friends and Family to Join

Send Out Invites: Use VidDay's handy invitation tools to quickly send invites via email, SMS, or social media platforms.

personalized invitation to join a 30th birthday video

With just a few clicks, you can invite the birthday person’s family, friends, and colleagues to join the 30th birthday tribute.

VidDay simplifies video creation by allowing contributors to easily upload their heartfelt messages and fun photos through a simple link.

Set a submission deadline and let VidDay's friendly reminders ensure everyone contributes on time.

To boost the impact of their contributions, you can easily select prompts that spark creativity for a 30th birthday celebration.

Here are a few of our favorite birthday prompts for recording creative video messages for a 30th:

  • Favorite Song Memory: "Pick a song that reminds you of [Birthday Person’s Name] and share a related story."

  • Words of Wisdom: "What's the best advice you would give [Birthday Person’s Name] for their 30s?"

  • Flashback Fun: "Describe a funny or memorable moment you've shared with [Birthday Person’s Name]."

  • Birthday Toast: "Give a toast to [Birthday Person’s Name], celebrating their achievements and future adventures."

  • Journey Together: "How has [Birthday Person’s Name] impacted your life or inspired you over their 30 years?"

Find more ideas on what to say in this video of 30th birthday wishes and quotes.

Step 3: Add Your Personal Touch

Everyone's contribution will be collected in one place, making it easy to manage them and add your personal touch.

Collecting 30th birthday video clips with VidDay's video maker

With VidDay's straightforward tools, you can effortlessly arrange media, trim clips, and insert personalized text with photos and music.

Step 4: Review and Publish Your Masterpiece

Take a moment to review your video and make sure everything looks great. Then, finalize it by rendering a high-quality version that is ready to show.

When the time is right during the 30th birthday celebrations, surprise them with this heartfelt gift.

Personalizing a 30th birthday video with VidDay

A personalized 30th birthday video made with VidDay isn't just a gift—it’s a festival of memories, emotions, and heartfelt connections. It’s the celebration's highlight and a timeless memento that will keep the spirits of the day alive forever.

Embark on this creative journey with VidDay and turn a significant 30th birthday into an extraordinary celebration video!

watching a 30th birthday video on mobile


Custom 30th Birthday Video Keepsakes

Don’t let these memories fade away—turn your digital video into a tangible keepsake:

Video Book: Imagine a book that plays the 30th video montage when opened—a modern twist on the traditional photo album.

DVD or USB: Choose a stylish DVD or a sleek USB drive, each housed in a custom case, perfect for gifting or keepsakes.

30th birthday video keepsake

Find more tips and tricks for birthday video-making in our Ultimate Birthday Video Guide.

Ready to create a Birthday Video? 

Let’s get started on making your one-of-a-kind birthday gift! ♥


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