How to Get a Celebrity to Wish Your Friend a Happy Birthday

Making a birthday video greeting is an excellent idea for a gift. But you can take your surprise Birthday Video to the next level!

How to get a Cameo celebrity to say happy birthday
Easily get a celebrity shoutout on a surprise birthday video!

Start by rallying friends and family to submit video messages with VidDay, but don't stop there.

You can now pick your favorite celebrity and get a personalized video greeting from them to make your VidDay birthday surprise that much better!

With just a few clicks (and a bit of money), Cameo gives you access to famous actors, artists, athletes, and influencers to record a birthday wish that you can include in your VidDay Birthday Video compilation.

Getting Personalized Birthday Wishes From Celebrities Has Never Been Easier

Thanks to Cameo, adding a personalized birthday message from a celebrity is possible (and affordable). So many people add Cameo appearances in their birthday videos, and the recipient's reaction is nothing less than epic.

I was able to book my first Cameo within seven minutes. I'll show you the steps to take to get a celebrity shoutout from Cameo to include in your surprise VidDay Birthday Video.

Step 1


Open up your internet browser and visit

Find a celebrity from Cameo's website

Step 2

Pick Your Celebrity

Cameo has a wide variety of famous people to browse through. With such an extensive list of celebrities, it can almost feel like you're trying to pick something to watch on Netflix. If you know who you're looking for, it's best to use the search bar on the top right to type in their name.

Don't remember the celebrity's name? No worries! You can search in their Categories section. You can also search for terms like Disney, Game of Thrones, Football, The Bachelor, and even Tiger King.

Book a Cameo for a birthday VidDay video
Mr. Boombastic himself, can wish your friend a happy birthday!

Once you've found your pick, you can view their pricing, rating and watch a few video message examples. If you like what you see, then you can select "Request" to continue.

How to create a Cameo account.

Step 3

Create Your Cameo Account

You can quickly create an account by using either your Facebook credentials or your email address. Cameo will ask for your name, your birth date, and your email address. Then, you create a password to make it official.

With an account, Cameo will notify you whenever a video you've booked is ready. Plus, the celebrities you book can follow up with questions about your request.

 book a Cameo video for a birthday

Step 4

Book Your Cameo Video With Celebrity Greetings

Fill out the short form, as seen above.

Here's a helpful tip. When writing your request instructions for celebrity birthday greetings, try to be as specific as possible. Tell them about your relationship to the recipient, relevant numbers (like birthday year), and any other relevant detail.

Something like this:

My husband (Steve) is turning 35 on Sunday. Please wish him a happy birthday from me (Kate). We've been together for four years and met while tree planting in BC. He's a massive fan of yours—a bday shoutout from you would blow his mind!

Once you have completed your request instruction, you provide your contact and payment information. That's all. You're all set to book your special birthday wish from Cameo. Woohoo!

What to Expect Next With Your Cameo Request

  • Celebrities have a set time limit to complete their video requests

  • Your receipt and order updates are sent to the email provided under Delivery Information

  • When your request is completed, you'll be emailed and texted a link to view, share, or download your Cameo.

  • Go to VidDay to upload your Cameo video to your birthday event page.

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