How To Compile Birthday Messages Into One Surprise Video

If you’re reading this, it means you’re already on the right track to making a truly memorable birthday video montage. This post will explain how to use our birthday video maker to easily rally birthday wishes from a large dispersed group of people and compile them into one unforgettable birthday collage to give as a gift.

Surprise Birthday Video Maker

STEP 1: Create the birthday event page

You can start here and choose the occasion “Birthday”. Then enter the name of the recipient(s) and select a deadline for submitting a video message.

Now as the creator, that’s YOU… you’ll want to rally people to record and submit their video messages, sending their warm wishes and good cheers to the lucky recipient(s).

We suggest that you personalize this event page by uploading a profile photo of the recipient(s).

Side note: If you already have all your video clips and photos on hand, you can simply create the event page to upload your media content, then jump to Step 3.

STEP 2: Invite a group of people to send their birthday video messages

Now, how do you invite people? 

Simply share the event page you just created. 

You can do this by sharing the event page link through text messages, email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, however you see fit.

The people you invite will be able to easily submit their video messages by using their phone, tablet or laptop. (And NO, they don’t need to download any special app, it can all be done through their internet browser)

Side note: Since it’s human nature to procrastinate, we suggest to send friendly reminders to the invitees before the submission deadline. The group of people you invited do want to be part of this surprise video, but most people will simply need a reminder or nudge to do so.

Invite a group of people to send their birthday video messages

STEP 3: Drag & drop all the video clips and photos in order

All the submitted video messages and photos will be collected and found on your birthday event page, where you, and only YOU, will be able to preview and arrange them in the right order.

STEP 4: Publish the group birthday video!

When you’re ready to finalize the birthday video montage, hit the "publish" button and that’s it!

You invite people, we make the video.

You can get started on making a surprise group birthday video full of messages from family and friends here.

Watch these surprise birthday videos example below:

25th Birthday Video Montage

50th Birthday Video Montage

80th Birthday Video Montage

Now, before you go, here's a video below with 12 tips when making a surprise birthday video full of warm wishes. We hope this video gets your creative juices flowing and inspires you and others to record creative birthday messages for a loved one.

Happy birthday video making, friends!

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