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Heartfelt 50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

The 50th anniversary, aka golden anniversary, is one of the most celebrated wedding anniversaries. A 50th wedding anniversary is celebrated by both the married couple themselves and their friends and family — rightly so.

50th Wedding Anniversary ideas

Spending half a century in love with someone is a beautiful statement about the gift of married life — an accomplishment in itself. A marriage that's lasted 50 years undoubtedly deserves a medal, so it's no surprise that the traditional 50th-anniversary gift is gold.

So what are the traditions of a 50th wedding anniversary? What are some wedding anniversary ideas? Let's get into them.


50th Anniversary Traditions and Symbols

It's easy to celebrate your 50th anniversary.

Think gold.

As you'll see with these traditions and symbols, gold is everything. Whichever way you decide to toast the occasion, make it a golden moment to remember.

  • Traditional gift: A keepsake that is gold.

  • Contemporary gift: Something that is gold in color, but doesn't have to be real gold.

  • Gemstone: Gold, imperial, or golden topaz.

  • Color: Gold

  • Flower: Violets


Memorable 50th Anniversary Ideas

A “Story of Us” with VidDay

Take the fantastic couple on a walk down memory lane. A VidDay video gift allows you to gather together old photos, films, and beautiful messages of the couple from the past half a century. In addition, you can collect video messages from all the people who have been there for them throughout their relationship. Find photos from the first place they lived together, photos from dates they've had, or vacations they've taken. It's a blast from the past that the couple will cherish forever.

how to celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary

They've had a magical journey together throughout their 50 years together. Show them how amazing of a time they've had with a VidDay gift. Unsure of what to say in an anniversary video? Check out our Anniversary Wish Generator for some ideas.

Watch this heartfelt surprise wedding anniversary video that someone created in celebration of their grandparent's anniversary.

Need an extra hand with VidDay? No worries, our handy guide will help you through the entire process of creating a wedding anniversary video.

Celebrate Better, Together

Celebrating together is always better. So invite all of the couple's friends, family, and even some of their old colleagues. Unsure of where to host the event? Why not revisit an important venue? This venue will undoubtedly tug at their heartstrings, so why not choose a venue that means something to the couple. It could even be their favorite restaurant, hotel, or where they had their wedding reception.

why celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary

Don't forget the cake! Surprise the lovely couple with a cake that resembles theirs from 50 years ago. The couple will be so touched to see a cake similar to what they had half a century ago.

When you’re setting up for your 50th-anniversary party, here are some helpful tips for table decor:

  • Floral centerpieces – violets

  • Gold napkins – or white napkins tied with gold ribbon

  • Candles – in gold candlestick holders

  • Place cards – written in gold ink

Last but not least, have fun.

Time to Renew Your Vows

Fifty years is an excellent time to renew vows in front of your friends and family. Vow renewals are a great way to share a moment with friends and family, particularly those that weren’t there the first time around. At the vow renewal ceremony, the couple reaffirms the vows spoken at their wedding over 50 years ago.

lets celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary

A renewal of vows allows the couple to look back on their years together and reaffirm their everlasting commitment and love for one and another. You can celebrate the vow renewal either with a small, intimate ceremony with close family, or a big party with extended family and friends, or anything in between.

You might be wondering what the perfect gift is for a vow renewal.

Well, here are some great gift ideas for the husband and wife, and don’t forget to get them in gold:

  • Jewelry, such as earrings, necklace, bracelet

  • A watch with a handsome box

  • Engraved champagne flutes

  • Update your wedding rings


A Checklist for a 50th Anniversary Party

50 years of marriage calls for a real celebration. Whether you're celebrating in a big bash or throwing an at-home anniversary party, we have valuable tips to make it a memorable one.

Tips for planning a 50th wedding anniversary:

  • Choose the perfect date

  • Secure a venue

  • Create beautiful invitations

  • Curate a story of us

  • Choose a menu and cake

  • Take lots of photos and videos

  • Make an anniversary video with VidDay

  • And everyone’s fav — toasts, and tributes


It’s Time to Create a 50th Anniversary Gift

Give the special couple a VidDay video gift celebrating all of the moments that they’ve created together over the past half a century.

Wishing someone a happy anniversary

VidDay makes it easy to collaborate with friends and family on a beautiful 50th wedding anniversary video gift for that very special occasion. VidDay has created the ultimate guide to anniversary videos to learn more about creating a 50th wedding anniversary video.

“Awesome way to share with people you love, I completed a 50th Anniversary for my parents and they were blown away! Easy to use and affordable! I will for sure use this service again!” — Scott Fraser

Whether you’re close or not to the couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary — it’s always hard to know what to say in a 50th wedding anniversary video or card. Need a little more inspiration on what to say in a 50th wedding anniversary video gift? Well, look no further. Check out this anniversary wish idea generator.

Now that you know exactly what to say in a 50th wedding anniversary video gift, it's time to create your video.


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