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Making an Anniversary Video Gift is Easier Than You Think

Celebrating a milestone as significant as an anniversary with a video gift is a wonderful and thoughtful idea. Whether it's a first anniversary or a 50th anniversary, it represents true love, and that's what we at VidDay are all about.

Non-cliché anniversary video ideas

However, traditional anniversary gifts can be slightly cliché, and worst of all, someone else might get the same gift. But creating an anniversary video with a group of people in honor of celebrating the love of a special couple, now that's a meaningful, thoughtful, and unique gift!

A happy elderly couple celebrate their 50th anniversary with a Vidday video montage made from their friends and family.
An elderly couple looking into each others eyes

The best part? VidDay makes it easy to connect everyone together and collect video messages and photos. Start an anniversary video by entering the years the happy couple has been together, along with their names and the deadline for video submissions. Presto! You now have a unique web page to share with friends and family so that they upload their video messages.

Top anniversary video message ideas

We've compiled a few tips on how to make it easy for everyone... including the tech-challenged folks. Unsure of what to say in an anniversary video? Check out our Anniversary Wish Generator for some ideas.

Tip #1: Highlight Milestones or Momentous Life Events

You might have the urge to want to place every video and photo in your library, but try to stick to the big ones, like a honeymoon, the birth of a child, that first station wagon, a memorable family trip, or the past couple of birthday parties.

Tip #2: Mix It Up With Videos and Photos

To keep it interesting, we suggest placing one photo between every two or three videos. If a photo can say a thousand words, then a video can say a million! Have friends post old videos or have them recount a special memory of the couple. The possibilities are endless.

Tip #3: Don't Overthink It, Just Be Genuine

Be sure to include and ask for genuine memories. Maybe it's their ability to tackle anything together, or how they contribute to the community, or how they compliment each other. I could go on and on, but in all honesty, there’s no right or wrong way to record an anniversary video, as long as it comes from the heart.


Here are wedding anniversary video examples:

Video clips are an expression of everyone's love towards the couple. If it’s meaningful to you, it’s sure to be just as touching to the recipients. We love to help people commemorate a couple with a video montage as an anniversary gift.

Happy anniversary!

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