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5 Curated Gift Shops Adding Video Messages to QR Codes

Curated gifts make for a fantastic gift-giving experience.

And because of this, more and more gift box companies elevate their customer's gifting experience by offering video messages with their gifts.

QR code with video message attached to curated gift box
QR code with video — deliver a memorable gifting experience each time.

Online merchants worldwide are making gift-giving magical with our gift messaging app - VideoGreet. By allowing shoppers to personalize any gift order with a virtual greeting, these stores deliver an unforgettable unboxing gifting experience.

Here are five notable curated gift companies personalizing their gift boxes and gift baskets with the power of video.


Lizush | Gift Box Sets

Lizush online store sells all-natural bath and body products made with the highest quality ingredients.

Scan QR code to watch video message with gift box
The recipient quickly scans a QR code to watch a video greeting.

Plus, Lizush's team understands the importance of the unboxing gifting experience and offers its customers the ability to easily add a personal video message to a gift box.

Online shoppers can easily record a video message that will link to a QR code found on the greeting card included in the gift box.

By adding virtual greetings to its gifts, Lizush elevates the emotional connection with its brand.


Laurelbox | Sympathy Gift Boxes

Laurelbox offers thoughtful gift boxes designed to nourish a heart after loss. A customized gift box is incredibly meaningful to receive when going through a difficult time.

Add video message to curated gift box with QR code
A sympathy gift with a video greeting — the perfect match

With laurelbox's build a gift box option, customers can choose from a great selection of sympathy gifts to comfort a friend.

In addition, the gift-giver can easily attach a personal video message with their gift purchase. Once the gift is delivered, the recipient scans a dynamic QR code to watch their beautiful video greeting.


UNELEFANTE | FunBox + Confetti

UNELEFANTE is known for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Its online shop offers unique gifts for all your celebrations.

Send a video message attached to a gift box
Video gift messages elevate the gifting experience

UNELEFANTE offers an innovative gifting experience with their custom FUNBOX by adding a surprise video message.

Customers pick multiple items to add to the gift box and have the funbox burst with confetti when opened.

The recipient then scans a QR code to watch their special video message from the recipient.


Givopoly | Gift Concierge

Givopoly is a Canadian-based gift concierge service that delights customers with extraordinary gifts and friendly delivery.

add a video message to a gift basket with a QR code
Create emotional connections between your customers and your brand.

They've recently added the option to include a video message with any online order.

With a video gift add-on, Givopoly is now able to create an experience around delivering a gift.

Givopoly offer their shoppers to record and upload a video message from the order confirmation page. The customers also receive an email after payment which takes them to a recording page.


BigLittles | Curated Gift Boxes

Curated gift box including QR code virtual greeting

BigLittles Gifts focuses on making the art of gifting as easy and memorable as possible. Their team is hands-on throughout the process.

In addition, BigLittles offer curated gifts and the option to build your own box.

Each client can easily add a personal video greeting with their gift purchase as a fun and interactive way to send a gift message to be watched by scanning a QR code.


From curated gift stores and chocolatiers to florist shops online merchants worldwide make gift-giving magical with video messages and QR codes.

If you want to level up your customers' gifting experience with video messages — get started with VideoGreet today for free.

Read our Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Video Gift Messages to learn more about eCommerce's emerging video gifting trend.

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