The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Video Gift Messages

Meet VideoGreet — the user-friendly app that makes it simple to offer video greetings in your ecommerce store.

VideoGreet lets your online gift shoppers add personal video messages to their gift orders.

The recipient scans a QR code and watches their video — delivering a memorable gifting experience each time. 🥰

This app is the new best friend for ecommerce stores that:

🎁 Sell gifts

📈 Want to increase their sales

😍 Want to offer more value to their customers

With VideoGreet, your store can harness the power of video to create emotional connections between your customers and your brand.

Gift messaging with video message and QR code for ecommerce store

You can offer video messages as a free value add or treat it as an upsell, unlocking a new revenue stream.

Find VideoGreet on the Shopify App Store. Non-Shopify merchants can contact us at to set up a custom integration.

Find VideoGreet on the Shopify App Store

Now, let's dive in and discover how VideoGreet will benefit your bottom line. Click below to jump to any section of this guide:


Getting Started


With VideoGreet, you can easily add a button to your cart and product pages to give your customers the option to add a video message to their cart.

Flow chart for gift messaging with video for eCommerce stores

Adding video messages won't interrupt your checkout flow because your customers record and upload after checkout.

After payment, they receive an email linking a recording page with your logo and brand color. From there, they can record and upload their personal video message.

At the same time, you're alerted with an email to download the QR code and include it in the order.

When the recipient receives their gift, they'll quickly scan the QR code and watch their video message. Now that's a memorable experience!

But, let's rewind and start from the beginning — how to install the app.

Installing VideoGreet

Installing VideoGreet in your store is quick and easy. In less than five minutes, your online store can offer a meaningful gift experience, all without writing a single line of code.

You'll need to:

  1. Log in to the Shopify App Store.

  2. Find the VideoGreet app listing page and click Add app.

  3. In your Shopify admin, to authorize the use of the app, click Install app.

Next, let's explore how you can style components to align with your brand.


An on-brand experience means everything.

VideoGreet is designed to let you easily style components to match your ecommerce store — again, all without writing any code.

There are three main components to customize:

  • The upsell button in your store

  • The recording and viewing pages

  • Price

Start by adding the video message button to your cart and product pages. You can pick the button's colors, edit the text, and even decide where on the page to place it.

Watch this video tutorial to see how:

For Shopify 1.0 themes, watch this video tutorial.

Next, head over to the Settings tab found in the VideoGreet app. There, you can control how the recording and viewing pages appear. For example, you can upload your logo, assign your primary brand color as the background, and more.

VideoGreet makes it easy to add QR virtual greetings in your eCommerce store
Quick and easy — install VideoGreet within minutes.

Last but not least, go to your products to find the VideoGreet product to edit details. You can decide what price you want to charge per VideoGreet.

If this feels like a lot, don't worry. VideoGreet comes with a straightforward setup guide to help you along the way.

Now, let's talk about the QR code.

QR Code

Once a customer completes their checkout process, you (the merchant) will receive an email notification linking to the Orders tab of the VideoGreet app. You'll be able to download the QR code to include in orders.

Or, you can copy and paste the unique URL to send with digital gifts.

Adding video messages to gift orders is easy with VideoGreet
Make every gift come to life!

After downloading the QR code, you can either:

  • Print the QR code as-is and add it to the order.

  • Or, add the QR code to your own greeting cards, tags, labels, etc.

Third-party integration with Shipstation is now available, meaning that you can have the QR code printed directly onto their shipment invoice. This option allows you to be completely hands-off.

The QR code has contextual information to let the recipient scan and watch their video message.

You don't have to wait for the customer to upload their video. The viewing page is live and waiting for a video upload. Once the customer uploads their video message, you'll receive a confirmation email saying that the video is ready.

Sharing the Video Message

The fun part — sharing the video message with the recipient. Once the recipient receives their gift, they can scan the QR code to watch their video message.

Delivering flowers with a video greeting linked to a Qr code
Flower delivery with a video greeting — the perfect match.

There are no downloads necessary, and the URL is private and secure for all of your customers. They can view their video greeting as many times as they'd like and even share it with friends and family.

Your brand affinity will increase overnight. A surprise video message builds a positive relationship between your brand and your customers, retaining loyal customers for longer.


Why VideoGreet?

Branded Experience

VideoGreet becomes a branded extension of your ecommerce store. Without any code, you can customize and style components to perfectly align with your brand.

So rest assured that you'll deliver a seamless experience to your customers with every interaction.

Offer a video gift messaging feature on your eCommerce store.
Easily customize and style your button add-on. Zero code integration.


VideoGreet works on all computers and devices, iOS or Android. They can even transition between their devices — purchase from their laptop and record from their phone.

All they need is a WiFi connection, and they're off to the races.


Privacy and peace of mind are essential. Video messages are secure and hosted by VideoGreet.

VideoGreet follows all security requirements laid out by Shopify and protects against all common web security vulnerabilities.

In addition, VideoGreet does not process payments or orders outside of Shopify's checkout and does not interfere or affect Shopify's checkout.

Trusted Video Tech

VideoGreet is brought to you by the makers of — a powerful force in the video greeting sector, with over 2.5 million users.

VidDay is a collaborative video maker to make surprise videos to give as a gift.
VidDay — the leaders in group video gifts.

VidDay revolutionizes the greeting card industry by offering a simple collaborative video gift maker. As a result, VidDay has helped people in over 185 countries celebrate special occasions together.

World-Class Customer Support

The burden is off your shoulders and your customer support team.

The VideoGreet app comes with our world-class customer support team. So you don't need to worry about any issues. In addition, on the recording pages, we offer a live chat for your customers to speak directly with VideoGreet should any problems arise.

With the VideoGreet customer support team, your customers will experience world-class customer service that maintains a professional and empathetic attitude toward every customer.

See what our customers have to say with a 4.9 rating on Google and Facebook.


Key Benefits

Elevated Gifting Experience

We're seeing a shift in how people communicate with the rise in the popularity of video. It's no surprise that video messages are more impactful than written messages.

QR gift messages make the gifting experience modern and fun
VideoGreet — a magical gifting product

One study estimated that 93 percent of human communication is highly influenced by body language, attitude, and tone. In contrast, only seven percent rely solely on the actual words used.

It's much more meaningful seeing and hearing someone talk.

So empower your customers to add sincerity to their gift purchases. They'll remember it forever.

Brand Exposure

Every video message will be seen and shared in a customized interface featuring your logo and brand color. When the recipient becomes overwhelmed with positive emotions, your brand will be front and center.

New Revenue Stream

VideoGreet instantly unlocks an extra revenue stream. How much you charge your customers is entirely up to you. You can offer video messages for free or charge them an amount.

It's all up to you.

“This app is a great new revenue stream for our store! Our customers love this video gifting option. The VideoGreet team is very responsive to our feedback and building out our requested features. This is a great way to personalize our candle gifts… excited for their upcoming new features.” — Pinky Swear & Co.


Use Cases

VideoGreet works with companies across the online gifting sector to help bring a personal touch to purchases.

Check out how these Shopify stores provide their customers more value by offering video messages as a gift add-on.

Fames Chocolates

Client: Fames Chocolates

Scope of Business: Chocolatier and online retailer

Fames Chocolates is an ecommerce business based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Chocolate QR code video gifting
Easily send a video greeting with a chocolate gift.

The Frankel family and twenty employees work together to create small batches of premium gourmet chocolates. Honestly, you should try these chocolates, they are to die for.

Their chocolate-making skills maintain high standards, some secret techniques, and are made with love. As a result, Fames is now the gift of choice for chocolate lovers worldwide.


Client: GardenPartyFlowers

Scope of Business: Florist and online retailer

Garden Party Flowers is an ecommerce business based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

florist selling floral arrangements online with QR code linked to a video message
Flowers + Video Greeting = Memorable Experience

The team at Garden Party holds some core values close to their hearts. They are all about creating lasting and meaningful relationships while staying genuine and practical, with a little dose of fun.

Their services are second-to-none, all while staying green and present within their community.


Client: laurelbox

Scope of Business: Remembrance gifting online retailer

Laurelbox is an ecommerce business based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Tampa, Florida.

Adding a personal video message to a gift box order.
Add a personal touch to any product with a personal video message.

The owners Denise Wolfe and Johanna Mutz offer thoughtfully hand-curated gifts designed for people experiencing a loss. Their gift boxes stand apart from the typical offerings because they are made by hand at laurelbox, with other products being sourced from small independent artisans.

They are helping to provide comfort through every stage of grief.

Pinky Swear & Co. Candles

Client: Pinky Swear & Co. Candles

Scope of Business: Candlemaker and online retailer

Pinky Swear & Co. is an ecommerce business based in Toronto, Ontario.

Candle store gifting with QR code and video greetings
You can add the QR code to a greeting card as a personal touch.

They make their small-batch hand-poured candles focusing on natural and ethically sourced ingredients. The co-founders shared a passion for artisanal home decor and sustainable products. So together, they formed Pinky Swear & Co. in 2000.

Since then, they've partnered with charities to give back to local communities.

Read this case study if you're interested in learning more.


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