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How to Create a Birthday Video Book as a Unique Gift

Say farewell to traditional cards and embrace a memorable and heartfelt digital gift surprise — a Happy Birthday Video Book.

A customizable photo and video-playing book that puts your memories into your hands.
A customizable photo and video-playing book that puts your memories into your hands.

Let's dive into the world of birthday video books and discover how VidDay simplifies the creation of surprise video keepsakes for your loved ones.

What is a Birthday Video Book?

A Birthday Video Book is far from your everyday birthday gift. It's a tangible, physical keepsake designed to rekindle cherished moments in a unique and innovative way. When you open the cover of the Birthday Video Book, it auto-plays a heartfelt video like magic, creating an unforgettable gift.

This means instead of settling for a written message in a typical greeting card, you can now easily gather birthday wishes, video messages, and photos into one digital video book.

Mail a video book to someone you love.
Mail a video book to someone you love.

VidDay's Birthday Video Book Kit

To create a captivating birthday video book, you need the right tool, and VidDay is the perfect choice. This user-friendly online video platform empowers you to effortlessly collect, edit, and compile videos into a stunning video-playing book.

With VidDay, you can easily make beautiful birthday slideshows using your own media.

Plus, you can invite friends and family to contribute to the surprise birthday video book. And a video montage within a digital video book can be revisited, treasured, and shared with others for many years to come, transforming them into meaningful and timeless keepsakes.

VidDay loads your book with your videos and ships it directly to you or your loved one.
VidDay loads your book with your videos and ships it directly to you or your loved one.

Here's a step-by-step guide to creating a birthday video book with VidDay:

Step 1: Order a Video Book and access our easy video builder

Purchase your video book here to initiate your birthday video project within seconds.

Step 2: Gather contributions and customize

Upload your media and invite contributions. VidDay provides a shareable link, making it easy for friends and family to contribute their video messages. Customize your video with simple editing features, trim and arrange your media into a beautiful montage, and choose from various video themes and background music to personalize the birthday video.

Step 3: Compile your birthday video book

Once you're satisfied with the content and edits, VidDay will compile everything into a seamless video montage and place it into a digital video book.

Step 4: Send and deliver your surprise

Select your favorite video book cover, and add an optional premium gift box and bow. VidDay loads your book with your video and ships it directly to you or your loved one.

Here's a birthday video example with VidDay:

Why Choose VidDay for Your Birthday Video Book?

Premium quality and sound

VidDay’s video books offer premium quality with a built-in HD video player and crystal-clear sound. The platform provides user-friendly editing tools, empowering you to create polished and captivating video montages and video books effortlessly.

Group video-making experience

VidDay makes it a fun and straightforward process for collecting video messages, allowing everyone, even those who aren't tech-savvy, to participate in making a fantastic birthday video montage and video book.

Diverse cover choices

VidDay gives you plenty of cover design choices so you can make sure your birthday video book looks visually stunning. You also have the option to send the video book in a premium gift box complete with a bow for that extra touch of elegance.

In conclusion, VidDay's user-friendly video platform ensures unique and memorable celebrations for your loved ones' birthdays.

Join the future of birthday greetings by sending a Happy Birthday Video Book, making every birthday an unforgettable day.

Should you have any questions about creating a birthday video book, feel free to contact our live chat customer support or drop us an email at


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