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What To Say To Thank a Teacher

Thanking a teacher can come in many forms, from a simple verbal expression of gratitude to a thoughtful recorded message or written note.

What to say to thank a teacher

Finding the right words on what to say to thank a teacher can sometimes be challenging, especially if you want to make a lasting impression. That's why we've put together a list of some of the best thank you messages for teachers, from heartfelt to funny we got you covered.

What To Say To Thank a Teacher

  • Your passion for teaching shines through. Thank you!

  • I appreciate your guidance and mentorship.

  • Your lessons have helped me succeed.

  • You make learning an adventure. Thank you!

  • You have a gift for teaching. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • I'm grateful for your positive influence on my life.

  • You inspire me to be my best self.

  • Your encouragement has helped me overcome challenges.

  • Your teachings inspire me every day.

  • Thank you for making learning so engaging and fun.

  • I'm grateful for your dedication to our education.

  • Your wisdom and guidance have been invaluable.

  • Your patience and encouragement mean the world to me.

  • Your passion for teaching is truly contagious.

  • Thank you for believing in me and pushing me to succeed.

  • You've helped shape me into who I am today.

  • Your kindness and compassion make you a fantastic teacher.

  • Thank you for going above and beyond to help me learn.

  • Your enthusiasm for teaching is infectious.

  • Thank you for always being there to support me.

  • Your lessons will stay with me for a lifetime.

  • Your dedication to our education is greatly appreciated.

  • Thank you for being a teacher who truly cares about your students.

  • I'm grateful for your unwavering belief in me.

  • Your creativity and innovation in teaching are inspiring.

  • Thank you for making a positive impact on my life.

  • You're an amazing teacher, and I'm lucky to have you.

Whether you're looking to thank a teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week or at the end of the school year, this collection of thank-you messages will make any teacher feel appreciated.

Remember, the best way to thank a teacher is to be sincere and specific about how they have impacted your life. Whether through a recorded message, heartfelt note, or simply saying "thank you" in person, showing your appreciation can make a world of difference to a teacher who works tirelessly to support their students.

Now, let's get little humor in the mix...

Funny Thank You Teacher Messages

If you have a good relationship with your teacher and think they'll appreciate a good laugh, a funny thank you message can be a great way to show your appreciation.

Here are fun ways you can say to thank a teacher:

  • Thanks for making me feel like a genius, even when I didn't know what was going on.

  • Thanks for tolerating my endless questions and constant interruptions.

  • Thanks for helping me realize that I'm not as smart as I thought I was.

  • Thanks for helping me become a professional procrastinator.

  • You're the reason I know what I'm doing half the time.

  • Thanks for teaching me everything I need to know except how to pay attention.

  • Thanks for making me feel like a star student, even though I barely passed.

  • Thanks for teaching me all the important things in life, like how to take naps without getting caught.

  • Thanks for teaching me how to Google everything.

  • Thanks for always being there to listen to my rants about school, even though you were the reason for most of them.

  • You make learning so fun that I sometimes forget I'm actually supposed to be paying attention.

  • Thanks for teaching me everything I need to know about life, except how to deal with student loans.

  • Thanks for teaching me how to be a responsible adult, even though I'm still not quite sure what that means.


As a student or parent, expressing your appreciation for a teacher's hard work and dedication can go a long way in making them feel valued and motivated.

We've taken a few of the thank you messages from above to compile a template example of a heartfelt message to thank a teacher:

Dear [Teacher's Name], I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for all you have done for me. You have been an incredible teacher, mentor, and role model, and I am so grateful for everything you have taught me. Your passion for [Subject] has been contagious, and I have learned so much from you over the course of this year. Your patience, guidance, and support have been invaluable in helping me grow and develop as a student and as a person. Thank you for always believing in me, even when I didn't believe in myself. Thank you for pushing me to be my best, even when I didn't think I was capable. Thank you for being there for me, both in the classroom and outside of it, and for making me feel like I was part of a community. I will never forget the impact that you have had on my life, and I will always be grateful for everything you have done for me. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher, and for inspiring me to pursue my dreams. With deepest gratitude, [Your Name]

You can personalize the above template by including specific examples of how the teacher has impacted your life and by using your own words to express your gratitude.


Friendly reminder, Teacher Appreciation Week 2023 is coming up — from May 8th to the 12th.

It takes a special person to be a teacher — so don't hesitate to express your appreciation and tell them what makes them so special. Here at VidDay, we can help you make a Thank You video for your teacher filled with gratitude.

Here's an example of a Teacher Appreciation video gift:

So go ahead, treat your teacher to something special. ♥

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