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What does VidDay mean?

VidDay is an online video maker for group celebration videos, allowing people to create and share personalized video messages for special occasions, such as birthdays, retirements, anniversaries, and much more.

So, what does VidDay mean?

The name “VidDay” is a play on words, deriving from receiving a 'video' on your special 'day.'

People use VidDay to easily make a surprise video with friends and family made of photos and video messages.

VidDay videos are a new and fun way to bring people from anywhere around the world together into a memorable gift that makes the recipient feel loved and appreciated.

The name VidDay has become synonymous with the art of creating Group Video Gifts.

Group video gifts are a relatively new concept for people to grasp. There’s a lot of education that goes into making a group video as a new kind of service. For this reason, we decided to have our brand name descriptive, which helps our core customers share VidDay’s story.

What are the popular uses for VidDay?

You can use VidDay to celebrate birthdays, retirements, anniversaries, graduations, or any occasion to create personalized video montages and unique video gifts.

Celebrate Better Together with VidDay

VidDay is a simple-to-use video platform to gather best wishes for a birthday, anniversary, retirement, graduation, and much more — creating a magical gift that brings people together to celebrate & commemorate one individual.

VidDay creates a beautiful video tribute that the recipient can enjoy long after their celebration.

A surprise video greeting from family and friends is a sincere and fun way to show love and appreciation, all the while creating a memorable keepsake.

No app download is necessary to create these video gifts, but VidDay's video maker is also available on the Google Play Store for all Android users to find.

With VidDay, you can also build a digital video guest book at a wedding or baby shower, welcome a new employee to your remote team, or collect testimonials for a cause or organization.

In addition, it's a unique idea to send memorable video messages and gifts for holidays throughout the year.

VidDay has become imprinted in the minds of our loyal customers and video makers. Our growth comes mainly from word of mouth and less from organic searches. So when someone hears about us, they remember our name, and we can count on them to find us when they search ‘VidDay’ for making a surprise video.

Here are some common misspellings and variations of VidDay:

  1. Viday: People often mistakenly type "Viday" instead of "VidDay" in their Google search queries.

  2. Vid day: We're totally fine with the space. In fact, it can help people pronounce the name "vid-day" more easily.

  3. Viddy: This used to be the name of another video capture app that doesn't exist anymore, but some other folks are still using it as well, even though it's unrelated to VidDay.

Who is VidDay?

We're a team of creative minds who recognize the profound impact of video in fostering meaningful human connections. United by a shared vision, we've established a video technology company dedicated to spreading positivity globally.

Our objective is to bring smiles to a billion faces. Through our unwavering passion for leveraging video technology, we aim to unite individuals, commemorate cherished occasions, and forge everlasting memories.

We’re not just a company that creates personalized videos — VidDay is a company that is committed to being a force for good in the world.

The pursuit of a billion smiles isn't merely an ambitious target; it serves as our guiding force to make a positive difference in the world.

That's what VidDay means.

More Than Just Group Video Gifts

Here are two other video products offered by VidDay:

VideoGreet — The All-In-One Gift Messaging App

VideoGreet allows online shoppers to include personalized video, audio, and text messages in both physical and digital gifts. After the gift arrives, recipients can simply scan the QR code to enjoy their personalized video or audio greeting.

Try VideoGreet today and join the ranks of numerous eCommerce merchants who are now turning ordinary transactions into cherished memories.

CineGreet — Create An Unforgettable Cinema Experience

With CineGreet, moviegoers can now create a personalized video message for their loved ones, which will be displayed on the big screen before the movie starts. VidDay is proud to be at the forefront of this innovation — creating a personalized and engaging theatre pre-show experience for cinemas worldwide.

Let's Work Together

Looking to unleash the power of personalized video with your business? We're always exploring new ways to use video to connect people and enhance their lives.


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