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VidDay Receives Part of Manitoba’s $272K Innovation Growth Program Fund

Our goal is to make a billion people smile. Thanks to funding from the Manitoba government, we’re closer than ever to making this happen!

Submitting their VidDay video gift on their cellphone

As a homegrown Manitoban company, we love being able to support and build our tech community. And so, it is an honor for VidDay to be selected as one of the few businesses to be part of the Innovation Growth Program. (And an even bigger honor that the announcement was made using VidDay!)

Why does this matter to you? Our customers are our raison d’être. This funding will go towards creating a better VidDay experience for you, so we thought we’d keep you in the loop.

First, a bit more about the funding from Isabelle Kirkwood at BetaKit:

Winnipeg-based VidDay, which has developed an app allowing users to give videos as gifts, has received part of $272,000 from the Manitoba provincial government.

The government invested in VidDay through its Innovation Growth Program (IGP), supporting the development and commercialization of innovative products and services. VidDay was one of four businesses that received funding. The others included DBI Technologies, Power HV, and Vexxit.

Second, we want to announce the feature you’ve been asking for: the Preview function!

We heard your feedback, and we delivered. As you create a VidDay, you’ll now be able to Preview the final product before purchasing it. Go back, shuffle videos around, test out the music.

The latest funding will allow us to expand our team in Winnipeg and beyond. We want to support the tech community at home while bringing in the best of the best worldwide. With users in over 180 countries, we love to get input and ideas from different places!


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