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'Tis The Season to be Giving... Back

This year’s holiday season is going to be like no other that we’ve experienced.

Giving back this year

How to Give Back During the Holiday Season

This year we’ve all taken time to reflect on ourselves and think about what matters in our lives. This holiday season is a great time to think of ways to give back to our communities. During these less than normal holiday times, we must reach out and do good for the communities in which we live.

The big question always is, how do I do that? There are a few simple things that you can do to help someone else and their family this year.

Find the Right Cause

It can be hard to find a cause (or causes) you care about. There are so many causes out there that it can be overwhelming, and you might not know where to begin.

Think of something that you are passionate about or something that has affected you or a loved one personally. Do you personally know someone that is suffering from a condition? Give back to charity for them to help fund research. Or is there a civil issue that you are passionate about? Such as the elderly? You can give back to an elderly home to help support them.

Here are some charities to get you thinking.

Giving Back Doesn’t Always Involve Money

There are many ways to give back that don’t involve money.

Many charities and causes are looking for volunteers, especially during the holiday season. A great way to get involved is to check with your local community center to see if they need volunteers. They can also point you in the right direction to organizations that need volunteers.

donate anything that you can

Go through your closets, linen chests, and wardrobes.

Find old sweaters, leggings, or warm clothes that you no longer need or want. Shelters are always in need of coats, sweaters, and linens.

Here are some great places to drop off your clothes and linens — some even will come to collect from you. Vietnam Veterans of America, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Dress for Success, or any local Homeless Shelters, find one near you.

Share on social media your favorite charity or cause. It easy as it may seem, it has been shown to help charities and causes. Your shares on social media can be an effective way for charities to build supporters, boost donations, encourage others to sign up or donate, and recruit volunteers.

At VidDay, Giving Back is in Our DNA

We pride ourselves on giving back to our local community, as well as the planet. We want to make a difference and do something bigger than spreading happiness through videos.

Not only do we give people a way to share an environmentally friendly gift, but a portion of our proceeds also go to planting trees.

Vidday wants to plant trees.

We’ve partnered with One Tree Planted to support global reforestation efforts. We’ve planted over 1000,000 trees in British Columbia, California, Australia, and the Amazon Rainforest.

Building a Future for Kids

VidDay donated a portion of every video sold to help build a school for children who were in critical need of a good learning environment. What started as a commitment to simply contribute towards school supplies quickly grew into much more.

Building a stronger future for kids with vidday

VidDay was able to impact the lives of the children in rural regions of Laos in a more significant way. From building classrooms and furnishing them, to textbooks, to a clean water supply, we helped thousands of children have the ability to go to school.

Free Words of Encouragement

We want to do good in the world and appreciate all of your support. That is why we offer free words of encouragement to help when someone is going through a rough time.

Vidday wants to help you send free words of encouragement

We believe that words are powerful and healing — this is why we have free Get Well videos. We want to help you lift someone's spirits and get them onto a speedy recovery.

Support of Charities and Non-Profit Groups

We’ve pledged 1,000 videos for 1,000 charities, community groups, or non-profit organizations to help them and their community during these trying times.

help all communities and non-profits.

We at VidDay want to help to give charities a platform where they can be heard and appreciated. Charities can use the VidDay platform to build testimonial and awareness videos or create a volunteer recognition video.

Send thank you videos to significant donors, organizations, or anyone else.

We’re here to help.

We want to Thank You for all the hard work you’ve done this year.


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