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More Than a Virtual Baby Shower

Technology has always played an enormous role with friends and families who live at a distance.

Moms-to-be residing in another part of the world, state or cities, or military have always used technology to help connect themselves with their friends and family.

Virtual baby shower

Due to social distancing and other COVID 19 related measures, expecting Moms everywhere have had to stop hosting in-person baby showers.

But, there can be plenty of celebrating behind a computer or a smartphone screen.

So let's celebrate the soon-to-be parents with a beautiful and heartfelt baby shower video that they can keep for years to come.


VidDay Makes Spreading the Cuteness Even More Meaningful

A Different Kind of Baby Shower

This might be a different kind of baby shower, but you can still get friends and family together, even at a distance. A VidDay video will be a baby shower gift that says so much more than just a card. Gather personal messages from friends and family, no matter where they live.

Celebrate the soon-to-be Mom in a virtual baby shower with loving video messages rather than written messages. Video messages add a personalized touch that is hard to get with a regular greeting card.

Baby Shower Video Keepsake

Get friends and family to submit old photos and videos that they have on their smartphones, take the expecting Mom down memory lane with all the moments she has experienced, leading her to where she is!

You'll be able to keep the video for years and years to come, sharing as your baby grows, and one day, you can show it on their wedding day.

Need a little help on what to say in a virtual baby shower? Check out this blog post where we break it down.

celebrating a virtual baby shower

A Fun Baby Shower Activity

Add excitement to your baby shower party with a video viewing party. A VidDay video gift is a bundle of joy everyone will love.

Bring out the snacks, popcorn, and drinks. Gather everyone around the TV to watch your VidDay video that you and everyone else contributed to.

Don't forget to bring the tissues for the tears of joy that she will shed.


How to Make a Baby Shower Video with VidDay

Getting Started

Start a Baby Shower video today to celebrate the new life coming into this world.

All you need to do is click here to answer a few questions, create an account, and an Event Page will get set up for you. Here is where all of the cuteness happens!

On your Baby Shower Event Page, you'll be able to choose from various baby shower themes and music, plus add in text cards — to give your personal touch for that soon-to-be Mom and Dad.

a look inside the vidday app

Add Video Clips and Photos

All you have to do is upload your baby shower video messages and any pictures you want to add to your VidDay Baby Shower Event Page.

Once everything is uploaded into your baby shower event page, you can drag and drop the videos and photos in any order — add in-text cards, choose your baby shower themes, background music.

You can also edit the baby shower videos and pictures if you want. But don't worry, no editing skills are required. You can edit as much or as little as you wish.

Share the Surprise!

It's time for us to work our magic. VidDay will create the cutest baby shower video montage for you. Here are some ideas if you're at a distance or if you're together this year.

We love seeing people's reactions, send us a video clip of your sweetheart watching their Baby Shower video to reactions@vidday.comit's what we love the most about our job!

Learn more about creating a VidDay here.

Treat your soon-to-be parents to something special. ♥


Need some more inspiration on what to say in a baby shower video?

Here's a video of our favorite baby shower wishes and messages:


Do you need help with VidDay?

We offer friendly and helpful customer service; we're here to make you smile with anything needed. Please email us anytime or use our live chat to speak with a live customer service representative.


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