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How to Plan a Remarkable Retirement Party for Your Boss

Your boss is retiring, and you want to plan their last hooray. We're here to help.

retirement party for your boss

Are you feeling a little stuck on where to begin, or what should you do for a retirement party? No problem! Follow these steps to help you prepare for an epic retirement party that your boss will never forget.

Setting a Budget for the Retirement Party For Your Boss

This is probably the most important step and the first step you should take. Does the company have a budget set out that you can use for their retirement party? Or does this need to be something that’s a little more low-key and budget-friendly?

Sometimes companies will ask to give them an estimate of how much you think it may cost, so don’t forget to include these in your estimate.

  • Food

  • Drinks

  • Decorations

  • Rental

  • Venue costs

  • Entertainment

  • Don’t forget the retirement gift!

No matter the size budget, you can create incredible moments that your boss will cherish forever.

Picking a Date for the Retirement Party For Your Boss

It’s now time to pick a date for your boss’s retirement party. Remember that the date should be close to the actual day that they retire, although you might not be able to plan it on the exact date itself.

You’ll want to make sure that everyone is excited, engaged, and eager to celebrate your boss’s retirement. So you should try to organize the retirement party two to three weeks before your boss’s first retirement day.

Try to organize your boss’s retirement party during office hours or right after the workday. This way, you know that most people will be able to attend the event.

Are you also inviting friends and family of your boss? Then, you should consider organizing the event on an evening so that everyone will be able to join in on the fun!

Creating a Guest List for the Retirement Party For Your Boss

It’s time to prepare the guest list!

Is your relationship with your boss strictly business? You should arrange a retirement party with only co-workers, or if you work in a larger company, just your department. Make sure to get help from HR with the guest list because you’ll want to make sure that you won’t accidentally leave anyone out.

Some organizations make a retirement party a corporate event where everyone is invited, including the spouse, children, and friends of the retiree. Check to see if this is the case with your company.

If you have a closer, more personal relationship with your boss, you might feel more comfortable reaching out to your boss’s friends, family, co-workers, and past co-workers. You might even be able to ask for their assistance to know what your boss would like from their perspective.

It’s important to celebrate your boss’s retirement with the most important people in their life. So make sure that the guest list is solid!

Selecting a Location for the Retirement Party For Your Boss

Do you have anywhere special that you’d like to host the event? Well, it depends on your budget if you’re able to host it there or not.

If your budget doesn’t allow for you to host it outside the office, you can host it in the office! Try using a conference room or a kitchen, decorating it, laying out some food for people, and of course, something to toast the retiree!

A lady enjoying her retirement dinner

If you want to break out of the office, some places are still budget-friendly, like a public park, beach, campsite, or in someone’s backyard, and decorate it with lovely retirement decorations.

If your budget is a little big, consider a venue such as your boss’s favorite restaurant or a hall in your town that can hold all your guest list. Rooftop bars, a boat, or a lake house are always fun options as well (weather permitting)!

Sending Out Invitations to the Retirement Party For Your Boss

The date, time, and location!

Don’t forget to include this information in your invitations, whether you’re making printed invitations or an email.

If you’re hosting a bigger party, try to send out the invitations at least a month in advance so that people can make sure that they keep their calendars clear for the big day!

When it is just a smaller event with co-workers and people from the department, and you’re holding it during office hours, you can send the invites a couple of days before the party.

Things to consider including in your invitation:

  • Time

  • Date

  • Location with address

  • Parking

  • RSVP date

  • Gift suggestions

  • Dress code (if applicable)

  • Food allergies (if applicable)

Giving a Memorable Retirement Gift to Your Boss

You cannot forget getting your boss a retirement gift. There are so many different retirement gifts to choose from that it can become overwhelming very quickly. This is why most people are breaking with the traditional gift-giving and giving the gift of an experience instead.

The best retirement gifts are N.I.C.E.

  • Novel: not yet owned by the receiver

  • Individualized: tailored to the receiver’s likes and wants

  • Convenient: easy to buy, easy to post, easy to wrap

  • Everlasting: to last a lifetime of memories

Giving your boss a gift, such as a tribute video with VidDay means that you can leave them with a lasting impression and something that they can cherish forever.

Surprising Your Boss With a Fun Retirement Tribute

Make the retirement party complete with a fantastic tribute just for them.

Your VidDay retirement video gift is more than just something your boss can watch at home. Bring in a projector and watch the VidDay retirement video gift together — you might need to bring some extra tissues for the tears of joy.

An older lady watching her VidDay retirement video

It’s a great activity to do during the retirement party and will create many feel-good memories and moments that everyone in the office will remember.

Plus, your boss can bring the video home with them to watch it whenever they reminisce about the good times at your company.

Need a little more inspiration on what to say in a retirement video gift? Check out this retirement wish idea generator.

Capturing the Party to Enjoy Later

A great idea to make your boss’s retirement party memorable is a way to relive it again. And what better way to reminisce through photos or videos from the party.

You can either hire a photographer or videographer to capture the event or ask a coworker to record videos and take pictures to create a fantastic VidDay video gift! This is something that your boss can look back on to remember all the effort and love that everyone put into his beautiful retirement party!

Send your boss off to their last hooray with a beautiful retirement party filled with joy and happiness!

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