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How to Celebrate a Golden Birthday

Your "Golden Birthday," also known as a "Champagne Birthday" or "Lucky Birthday," typically occurs in your 20s.

Unfortunately, for most of us, this special day arrives when we're too young to fully appreciate it.

golden glitter Golden Birthday

What is a Golden Birthday?

Your "Golden Birthday," also referred to as a "Champagne Birthday" or "Lucky Birthday," is when your age matches the date of your birth. If you're turning 25 on February 25th, congratulations, it's your Golden Birthday!

Now you understand why many of us miss out on this unique celebration. If your birthday falls on June 5th, your Golden Birthday was when you turned five—too young to grasp its significance.

Ready to celebrate a Golden Birthday? Let's get started!


How to Celebrate a Golden Birthday

Now that we know what a Golden Birthday is, you might wonder how to make the most of it. We have some fantastic tips and ideas to make your Golden Birthday a once-in-a-lifetime event.

cheers to the Golden Birthday

Embrace a Golden Theme

Consider a gold color theme – after all, it's a Golden Birthday, so gold should dominate the décor. The possibilities for a gleaming golden birthday party are endless!

Create a Golden-Themed VidDay Video

Start with a golden-themed VidDay video for the guest of honor. Our Razzle Dazzle theme, featuring cool grey tones and a splash of gold, will dazzle everyone. Check out our other golden themes as well.

Adopt a Gold Dress Code

Encourage everyone to wear something gold, from sequin dresses to golden ties, and even small accessories like golden earrings. It's all about adding a touch of bling!

gold theme for a Golden Birthday

Transform Your Venue with Golden Decor

Imagine a boogie night at a golden roller disco. Rent a roller skate rink and decorate it with all things gold, from disco balls to plates and cups. You can even create a gold record dance party with a golden playlist and spray-painted records.

Pop Some Golden Champagne

Golden Birthdays are also known as Champagne Birthdays, so make sure to include champagne in your celebration. The bubbles and golden hue make it the perfect beverage for the occasion.

Did someone say Champagne Bar?!

celebrating at a campagne birthday


Golden Birthday Wishes

Here are some heartfelt golden birthday wishes you can include in a video message:

  • All that glitters is gold

  • Today, you will shine like gold

  • You're a gold star today

  • Enjoy your special day

  • May everything you touch turn to gold

  • You are pure gold


Create a Memorable Golden Birthday Video

Golden Birthdays are rare, so make the most of this occasion with a special video gift. Gather friends and family to enjoy birthday cake, good food, and a group video gift.

You can even involve celebrities to add surprise and joy to the celebration.

A heartfelt video gift is a great way to say "Happy Birthday." Fill it with sincere birthday wishes from loved ones.

If you need inspiration, check out our birthday wishes generator.

Why Are Golden Birthday Videos Special?

Our birthday video maker allows you to collect messages from loved ones, even if they're celebrating from a distance. Learn more about creating a golden birthday video with our handy birthday video guide.

watching a video gift Golden Birthday

“Easy to use and great value. Delighted with the result which made a perfect birthday surprise — thank you VidDay.” — Lisa Vassallo

Have questions? With our birthday video maker, you can gather messages from your loved ones, friends, family, and colleagues to create a surprise golden birthday video. This way, everyone can participate in the celebration, regardless of their location. For more information on crafting a golden birthday video, check out our convenient birthday video guide.

Celebrate Together with a VidDay Group Video Gift

Make your Golden Birthday extra special by expressing your wishes in a VidDay group video gift. Get started today.


If you're looking for inspiration on what to say for a golden birthday, here's a collection of insightful Famous Birthday Quotes to celebrate life, age, and friendships.


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