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Get Into These Celestial Celebration Ideas

These celestial celebration party ideas are out of this world.

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Here comes the sun. And the moon. And the stars. From sunshine-themed baby showers to cloud nine birthday parties, you can throw some totally awesome cosmic parties this year no matter what or who you’re celebrating.

You don't have to travel to a galaxy far away to throw a unique party. So let's get into these out-of-this-world celestial celebration ideas.


Celestial Celebrations Party Ideas

You Are My Sunshine Baby Shower Theme

You are my sunshine is such a popular baby shower theme, especially for those who want to keep the gender of the baby a secret or for those who prefer a gender-neutral party theme. With this theme, think yellow!

yellow balloons and a table of cakes

Have yellow invitations in the shape of a sun, gather together lots of yellow balloons, and use sunflowers for decorating the food table or as a centerpiece. To top it off, make a beautiful sunshine cake for everyone to enjoy.

Sun-Themed Birthday Party

Lighten up any birthday party with a sun theme. Gather balloons of all sizes to create a garland of balloons, using all the shades of yellow to make it feel bright and dynamic. Then, go from lightest to darkest to create the effect of a beautiful sunset.

Throw your party outside so everyone can enjoy the sun together. Have little cupcakes with the sun on them made of frosting. Enjoy some lemonade and all things yellow for this fun sun birthday theme.

Star-Themed Party Idea

Whether a birthday, anniversary or just having a stargazing party, having a star theme is always going to be a winner. It's all about serving some star-shaped food. For example, make some cookies in the shape of stars and decorate them like the night sky, or make some fruit salad with some starfruit.

a screen on top of a building

Brighten up your party with some fairy lights, giving your backyard a beautiful glow once the sun goes down. Your guests will feel like they're floating in outer space. Make a group video that you can watch outdoors on a movie screen or even on your phone.

Moon Party Decorations

Make your celebration unique with some moon party decorations. You can't have a star party without adding a moon decoration or two. Take a trip around the world with these out-of-this-world moon balloons. You can even create some cutouts in the moon's shape and have some paint and glitter ready for all of the kids to decorate.

Who doesn’t love some cake or a moon-inspired dessert? Whether you’re celebrating a lunar eclipse or a moon-inspired birthday, get ready with these celestial recipes.

Moon Wedding Dress

Your love is written in the stars, so have a wedding dress that matches your out-of-this-world romance story. You need a celestial-inspired wedding dress that you’ll glow in as you walk down the aisle. A moon-inspired wedding dress twinkles with embellishments and outer space motifs. Moon wedding dresses are perfect for that non-traditional wedding day.

lady in a moon wedding dress
Source: Flora & Lane

From fabrics that shimmer to sparkly embroidery, celestial moon wedding gowns can come in various styles that will leave you positively starstruck.


Create an Out of This World Video Gift

VidDay is a collaborative video maker for people who celebrate any occasion with a far-out video.

a lady watching a vidday video

VidDay makes it easy to collaborate with friends and family on an out-of-this-world video gift for a totally cosmic time, from a sunshine-themed celebration to an over-the-moon birthday.

“My daughter had a milestone birthday on the other side of the world from me. I contacted her friends and our family. We came up with the most emotional Happy Birthday video from people all around the globe.” — Eileen O'Donnell

VidDay has created the ultimate video guide to help you learn more about creating a celestial video. Starting a video gift is quick, fun, and easy. With VidDay there are so many different themes to choose from that you can personalize your video gift for anyone.

Now that you know how to create a celestial video gift, it's time to make your video.


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