Create a Father's Day Video Like No Other

Father's Day is fast approaching, and with that comes some challenges.

With people practicing social distancing, it can be tough to celebrate Father's Day together. Plus, what kind of gift do you get a man that doesn't need anything?

Show him the life he's built through videos and photos.

The shed is jammed-packed with tools, and the house is already full of stuff—lots of stuff.

Let's ditch the materialistic gifts this year! It's not about gifting the latest gadget or tool. Father's Day is a day to show love and appreciation. To take a walk down memory lane and talk about the good old days. It's a day to relax and to be present.

We're here to help! With VidDay, you can create a video slideshow with photos and video clips. And you can share this as a gift from anywhere, whether you're together or apart.

It's a gift that can spark meaningful conversations while paying homage to the man who has given so much to the family.

Watch a "Happy Father's Day" video greeting example:

I'm going to go into detail about how you can easily make a memorable Father's Day video as a gift.

Getting Started

Start by setting up and Event Page and answer three questions:

  • Who is the video for?

  • What's the occasion? (choose Father's Day)

  • When is the deadline for submissions

Why choose a deadline? That's because you can invite family members to contribute photos and video messages to the Event Page. I'll circle back in more detail on this later.

Use the Event Page you set up to collect, edit, and arrange your media. Get started by adding photos and videos.

Add Photos

I suggest dusting off the old photo albums to find long-forgotten memories. Use your phone to digitally capture the photos you want to include in your video slideshow. Try to avoid taking the photos too far away so that you don't see the photo album or table in the photo. By doing so, you will save yourself time as you won't have to crop the images later in the web app.

You can also go to Facebook and Instagram to save photos to your phone.

Once you have all the photos you want to include saved in your phone's camera roll, you can go to the Event Page and upload them.

Edit Photos

To edit a photo, tap the thumbnail to view the full size and tap the photo to open up the editor. In the editor, you can crop, rotate, add filters, adjust colors, and markup (add text to the photo).

Arrange Photos

To arrange the photos in the perfect order, tap and hold to activate the drag and drop feature.

Add Videos

Home videos are great to add as they act like little time machines. Going

back in time and hearing the voices and laughs of the family when they were younger, create a nostalgic feeling that can make the toughest man shed a tear.

But what we find is even better, is to create a new video message. Point your phone at yourself, hit record, and start talking like he's right in front of you. Let him know how you feel. It's rare to have an opportunity to just lay it out there without feeling weird about it. Recording a video message allows you to say what you always wanted him to know.

Invite Family to Contribute

A neat feature of making a video with VidDay is that you can invite other people to contribute. All you need to do is share the Event Page link with them so that they can upload their videos and photos.

One thing to note is that there can only be one editor. When people visit the Event Page link, all they see is a simple submissions page. Only you (the creator) will be able to see all the submitted media.

Inviting others to contribute is a great feature to use if you need to reach out to family members to collect photos, or want all the siblings to record a special video message.


Once you've gathered all the media that you want to include, and arranged them in the perfect order, you're ready to publish the video.

Tap the Publish button, and your video gets placed in our production queue. The VidDay team compiles your videos and photos into a beautiful theme with subtle background music.

That's it. We make the video so that you have time to do something else, like taking a nice walk outside.

Sharing the Video Gift

The final video is available on the Event Page when it's done publishing. The same page that you used to collect the videos and photos. The individual photos and videos are hidden and replaced with the final video. From there, you can watch, share, and download the video.

No matter where you are in the world, you can share the video with the man who raised and loved his kids with all his heart.

To learn more about sharing the final video, check out our blog post: How To Share Your VidDay Video Gift

Thank you for reading!

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