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Create a Holiday Video to Make Clients Smile

The end of the year is quickly approaching, which means that the holidays are almost near.

It's time to break out the festive decorations in the office because the atmosphere is about to get a little more excited and cheerful than usual. It's also time to think about what to give your clients this year as a token of appreciation because greetings cards no longer cut it.

'Tis the season for making festive holiday videos for your clients!

Holiday video

Holiday 'Thank You' Video For Clients

Thanksgiving should not be the only day to thank clients for choosing your company. There is nothing more important than building a solid client relationship. Using the power video will help personalize your holiday greeting card, making it something that your client will remember you by.

Keep Your Holiday Greeting Personalized

The biggest thing in business is relationships. The holidays make the perfect time for you to keep a strong relationship with your clients by showing them that you appreciate their dedication to your company and all of their support.

Giving your clients a personalized video gift gives them something unique that they weren't expecting. A holiday greeting will make them feel more special and touched that you went out of your way to create a personalized holiday video greeting.

Show Your Appreciation in a Holiday Greeting

Sending a sincere card to your business partners and clients during the holiday season can help you form and maintain lasting relationships. Showing your partners gratitude builds a more personal connection between your company and the clients that you deal with.

In addition, it improves the overall customer experience and helps turn your clients into loyal ambassadors.

Holiday video clients

The holidays are the perfect occasion to do that by sending a holiday video greeting to your long-term clients to show that they are appreciated for their ongoing business. For new clients, a video holiday greeting shows that you value and hope to continue to build the relationship.

Holiday Greeting Video For Customers

The easiest thing that a business can do at Christmas or around the holiday is to wish your clients and customers a 'happy holidays.'

Yes, as simple as that.

It's time to make someone smile with a beautiful Christmas video.

But let's add a twist this year to your company's holiday greeting card with a beautiful video. You can send it out in a newsletter to all of your clients, individual email them to each one of your clients and even post it on various social media channels to reach out to customers, wishing them happy holidays.

Holiday Greeting Videos for Employees

The holiday season is full of celebration, joy, and lots, and we mean lots of food. But during this time of year, it can be very stressful for many employees at work. In addition, Q4 is on its way and can be a little crazy in the office at times.

So it's essential to take some time and recognize your employees and colleagues for the fantastic job they've done this year.

Holiday greeting video

Alongside a personal gift, you can include a holiday video of you and the entire management team wishing them a happy and safe holiday season. It's the perfect opportunity to show your colleagues that you recognize and appreciate all of their hard work.


Holiday Group Videos for Business

VidDay is essential for business. It allows you to crowdsource videos and photos to compile into one beautiful holiday video. It's easy to use and quick to deliver.

Holiday greeting video clients

There have been many changes and challenges in business, but the power of video has helped guide us through it. Change can be a challenge for companies, especially when showing appreciation for clients or customers, recognizing an employee, or celebrating a retirement.

"We used VidDay to collect some video and text messages from clients and team members around the world for our company's 20th anniversary. It worked beautifully — easy to do for everyone involved, and in the end, we got a brilliant video… Highly recommended! Thanks, VidDay!" — Elisabet Hearn

Because of limited face-to-face interaction with employees and coworkers, it can be hard to conduct a new onboarding process or give much-needed recognition to an employee from a distance.

These reasons are why VidDay Group Videos for business are a valuable tool for companies to have.

Group videos present a valuable solution to the challenges companies face with remote work.


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