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7 Unique Gifts for Moms Who Have Everything

Finding a special gift for mom can be tricky, especially when she'll never tell you exactly what she wants or says she already has everything.

mom and daughter smiling at each other

Although mothers may be challenging to shop for — humbly resigning to the phrase "you don't have to get me anything" — we can safely say she'll love any of the gifts in this guide.

This list can help you find something that will bring a smile to your mom’s face or, at the very least, spark some inspiration for you.


Unique Gifts For Mom (That She Won’t Buy Herself)

1. Some Birth Month Flowers

a bouquet of flowers

For the mom with a green thumb. Whether your mom prefers to grow her flowers or not, she will truly appreciate having a bouquet of fresh flowers from you as a gift. You can make giving her a bouquet a unique gift for your mom by giving her flowers for her birth month. Find your mom’s birth month flower here:

  • January: carnation and snowdrop

  • February: violet and primrose

  • March: daffodil and jonquil

  • April: daisy and sweet pea

  • May: lily of the valley and hawthorn

  • June: rose and honeysuckle

  • July: delphinium and water lily

  • August: gladiolus and poppy

  • September: aster and morning glory

  • October: marigold and cosmos

  • November: chrysanthemum

  • December: holly and narcissus

2. Birthdate Candles

a candle with their birth month
Source: Birthday Candles

For the mom that needs a little relaxation. Giving your mom a candle as a gift helps her relax and fill the room with a beautiful scent so that she will be reminded of you every time she lights the candle.

Want a unique gift for your mom? Get her a birthdate candle.

That's right, a birthDATE candle is a candle made especially for the date of your mom's birth.

Find your mom's birthdate candle here.

3. Pamper Mom’s Pet

a mom sitting with her dog

For the empty nester mom. Have all the kids left the nest, and now mom is in charge of the pets?

Pet mamas pour so much of their time, love, and energy (and, money, lots of money) into their beautiful furry babies. So, now is the perfect time to recognize the strong, independent fur mamas in your life by helping your mom with something for her furry baby. Think of getting them groomed, buying them some toys, or a new bed!

There is so much cute pet stuff out there.

4. Cute Yet Sustainable Activewear

a group of women in athletic wear
Source: Girlfriend Collective

For the mom on the go! Does your mom never stop? Or perhaps she is a gym bunny or obsessed with yoga? Get her some activewear that she can wear from the gym to the coffee shop.

Check out these fantastic activewear pieces by Girlfriend Collective. They are an ethically made and eco-friendly clothing brand on a mission to create sustainable activewear for people who care. Your mom will not only love their clothes but also love their company ethos.

5. Vintage Tea Party

a table set up with vintage tea cups

For the tea-loving mom. Have you heard that afternoon tea is the new happy hour? It's true! So why not set up a beautiful vintage tea party for your mom to enjoy?

Go to the thrift store and find vintage teacups and a cute teapot. Then head to your local grocery store to pick up some ingredients for finger food. Here are some high tea food ideas:

And, of course, the perfect cup of tea — British style.

6. The Cult-Favorite Always Pan

the always pan in a kitchen
Source: Our Place

For the mom who loves to cook up a storm! Can't get mom out of the kitchen? Does she love to cook up a storm? We'll this pan is designed to replace eight pieces of cookware! Crazy right?

The Always Pan is beautifully designed and comes in many colors (we have our eyes on the steam color for your mom) Plus, the Always Pan is super easy to clean, meaning that after mom is finished making her masterpiece, she'll have an easy clean-up! It even comes with a custom steam basket and nesting spatula.

Lastly, the company is doing its best to do business ethically and sustainably — always a good thing for us as consumers.

7. VidDay Video Greeting

a son and mom laughing together

For the love of all moms. Making your mom a VidDay video gift for her birthday or any occasion is super simple. It's easy to gather videos and pictures from all of your mom's family and friends.

Easily send a link to everyone you want to invite, then everyone can submit their video message. Choose a theme and some music, and you're ready to go. Take the stress out of making videos with VidDay's birthday video maker.


Create a Unique Gift For Mom

Birthdays are always a time for celebration. It's always a good time to celebrate mom. Whether it's her birthday, Mother's Day, or Christmas. Celebrating mom is the perfect time to come together in a group video gift.

a lady smiling at her phone

Bring some joy and perhaps a few tears of happiness to your mom's birthday with a meaningful video gift. It truly is the best way to say Happy Birthday to your Mom. Gather together all of your mom's friend's and family's sincere birthday wishes. Need a little help with birthday wishes — check out our birthday wishes generator for some inspiration. Why are group birthday videos such a unique gift for mom?

“VidDay was so easy to use and made a keepsake for my mom's 70th birthday. Several people from various generations and from all over the world were able to upload a video or pictures easily.” — Karen Austin

Great question! With our birthday video maker, you can collect messages from loved ones, friends, family, and colleagues in one surprise birthday video, which means that everyone can join in on the birthday celebration — from near or far. Learn more about creating your birthday video with our handy birthday video guide.

Celebrate your mom by saying Happy Birthday at a distance with a group VidDay video gift. Start one today.


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