4 Fun Apps To Record a Creative Birthday Video

When it comes to recording a happy birthday video message, many people get camera shy or just don’t feel comfortable with a camera pointing at them. We get it, it can be nerve-racking. We can't expect everyone to feel at ease recording a video message.

Even when you're sincere, it’s easy to fumble on your words or make strange faces during the video recording. It’s totally normal to take multiple attempts when recording a birthday video message. In the end, the best video clips are realized when you speak from the heart and don’t overthink it. Remember to just have fun and be yourself. Talk to the camera as if the recipient was in front of you.

Alright, we know for many it’s easier said than done. Not to worry my friend, we have four great apps below to help you make a memorable birthday video clip while getting extra points for creativity.

1. 8mm Vintage Camera App

This neat app lets you shoot authentic retro films with a range of lenses and retro/aged effects to bring character and nostalgic flair to your birthday video message. Have fun toggling through filters such as Noir and 60s-style footage.

Download on the App Store

2. DMD vClone App

This clever app lets you shoot videos of you and your clone. Create a birthday video clips with the same person or object appearing in more than a single place as if they were clones. It's also easy to replicate yourself multiple times in the same video. Imagine all the possibilities.

Download on the App Store or Get it on Google Play

3. Reverse Movie FX - Magic Video App

This fun app lets you reverse your video, realizing great effect as seeing people walking backward, your friend spitting juice out or whatever creative birthday wish concept you can come up with. Use the reverse effect to easily perform magic tricks!

Download on the App Store or Get it on Google Play

4. Clips App

This lovely app lets you add artistic filters, animated text, live subtitling, music, emoji and fun stickers featuring characters from Star Wars, Disney, Pixar and more. It's a great way to spice up any birthday video clip!

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We've seen thousands of birthday video messages through our birthday video montage maker and we must say, when it comes to recording a happy birthday message, the most important thing to remember is to not worry about the filters, special effects and professional quality of your video clip. When it's all said and done, what truly matters is that you’re taking the time to share your warm wishes to the recipient.

Get started on a memorable group birthday video gift today!

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